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Monday, August 29, 2005

Happy Birthday David....

Tomorrow would have been David's 22nd Birthday if he would have survived his battle with AIDS, so tomorrow and throughout the rest of the week I am going to wear the ribbon that was given to me at his service, in his memory. Things have been so different now that he's gone, I was telling my husband some things I remembered about him when he was still here, like how he plucked his eyebrows better then I could ever do, and then I saw a car just like his and remembered all his rainbow bumper stickers, God I am going to miss him, you just never realize how much till there gone.

But for him I wanted to say Happy Birthday David where ever you are, and I hope you know I am thinking about you and will celebrate your time here with my own personal quiet celebration.

In other news, not much has changed I took off from work early and spent a couple of in the car hours with hubby, running errands and going to the bank, but I guess with all the work we are doing right now, you kinda have to take advantage of the time you do have, we did decide that if out law suit setttles next year we are taking a trip to Florence, Italy, before it's completely engulfed in water, apparently it's sinking and you have to see it before it's no more. And I think maybe a trip to Paris and or Rome to see the different cultures. I would love to go to the PI, (for you whitey's that's the Phillippine Islands), and see where my family is from, my brother's and my Dad go back every few years, the pics they bring back are amazing, the white beaches and blue waters, the crabs AKA the water monsters as big as me!
I would also love to go to New York to the site of the WTC and just sit there and cry, sounds kinda sickening, but I think it would feel right, ok so I am wierd, but that's how I am, and finally we would like to go to Disneyland and to all the theme parks in SO CAL, I have'nt been since I was 8 and I hear soooo much about how it's changed, but honestly I could care less where we end up, as long as it's together and a vacation!

Well not much else to report, but since I have noticed I am getting more hit's a day, I think I might need to update daily and type more about my daily nothings, should I change the name of this blog? Any ideas, I do know I need to update my profile, it is a little outdated and boring.

If you have any ideas for a new name send them my way, BTW rated G and be nice!

Hugs to you!


At 3:24 PM, Anonymous Rebecca said...

You do need to update more. I hope that you do get to go on your vacation you deserve it :)

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